International Chincoteague Pony Association & Registry

10723 County Road 11 NE, Elgin, MN 55932
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The International Chincoteague pony Association & Registry (ICPAR) is dedicated to providing official documentation for the Chincoteague Pony breed so that we can preserve past bloodlines, protect future bloodlines, and promote the breed to the public.

The ICPAR offers both full and half Chincoteague Pony registration, as well as a Chincoteague Pony ID program to help owners who do not know their pony's parentage but suspects they are Chincoteagues.

We also have Chincoteague Pony specific classifieds to help connect breeders, sellers, and buyers. Along with that, we have a list of the current Chincoteague Pony farms that are dotted around the country and offer some free breed promotional resources that are available for download.

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