Pony Shuttle Buses

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(Updated 7/18/2024)

Packets Will Be Available At The Chamber Office, 6733 Maddox Boulevard The Week On The Swim! Stop By And See Us!

Pony Shuttle Information

1. Buses will begin operation at 7am from Chincoteague Municipal Center at 6150 Community Drive.  This service is free. 

2. All visitors riding the Pony Shuttle will be taken to Veteran's Memorial Park. This is not the pony landing site. If you wish to go to the landing site, you will need to walk from Veteran's Memorial Park. Seating is not provided at either location. The pony landing site at Pony Swim Lane is marshland. 

3. A large screen will be located in Veteran's Memorial Park with a live feed of the swim.  

4.  Volunteer guides are available on some buses to assist you.  Other volunteers will be available to answer questions. 

5.  Please be prepared for hot and humid conditions on swim day.  Bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and insect repellant. Pony Swim Lane is marshland so wear proper shoes. Flip flops not recommended. 

6.  Parking for persons with disabilities is available at the Chincoteague Municipal Center, 6150 Community Drive, ONLY. There will be a bus to transport to Veteran's Memorial Park. Parking is very limited. No handicap parking will be available at Veteran's Memorial Park as in past. Please see a Pony Shuttle Volunteer for assistance.

7.  Day visitors should use Chincoteague Municipal Center, 6150 Community Drive. Turn left at the stoplight at the foot of the bridge. Proceed to Chincoteague High School and turn right onto Hallie Whealton Smith Drive. Continue as directed by Town officials. There may be some parking available at the Chincoteague Carnival Grounds, 3648 Main Street. Shuttles stop in front of the Carnival to go to the swim and return behind the Carnival grounds. There is no parking at other pick-up points. Tour buses should contact the Town of Chincoteague at 757-336-6519 for parking instructions.

8.  Please remember where you are parked. Parking Lot A (Municipal Center), Parking Lot B (Elementary School), Parking Lot C (Island Nature Trail), Parking Lot D (Donald Leonard Park/High School) or Carnival. 

9.  The shuttles will leave the Municipal Center and pick up in locations along Maddox Boulevard and Main Street. Please look for the Pony Shuttle Stop Signs. There are no stops south of the Carnival. 

10. DECISION! Immediately after the swim, two lines will form in the front of Memorial Park (where you were dropped off for the swim). One line is for transportation to the Carnival (where the ponies are going) and one line is for transportation to the Municipal Center, motels, and other locations. If you are going to a motel, you will first be transported to the Municipal Center where connections may be made to your lodging.

11. You must be in line to get shuttle transportation at Memorial Park. Please be patient after the swim! In the several hours before the swim, we transport thousands. We cannot accommodate thousands immediately after the swim. If you paid to park in areas around Memorial Park, you will need to walk back to your car as there are no stops at the park after swim site is empty (approximately one hour after swim).

12.  Walking from the swim site to the Carnival after the swim is recommended. The distance is approximately 1/2 mile.

13.  If you walk from Memorial Park to the pony landing site, you must return to the front of Memorial Park within 30 minutes of the ponies coming ashore. 

14. If you take a shuttle to the Carnival, you will not be able to reload on a shuttle until the SWIM SITE (Memorial Park) is emptied.  

15. Buses will begin to load after the ponies arrive at the Carnival. Service from the Carnival will continue until APPROXIMATELY ONE HOUR AFTER THE PONIES ARRIVE. 

16. Vehicle travel will be extremely heavy in the Carnival area and throughout the Island after the swim. Several of the roads from the swim site to the Carnival will be closed until after the ponies arrive. (Main Street south of Jester Street, Bunting Road, Ridge Road south of East Side Road and Beebe Road). Please do not attempt to go back to your car then drive to the Carnival. You will hold up traffic! 

17. A long single-file line will form behind the Carnival immediately after the ponies arrive. The end of the line is to the south of the corral. You must get to the end of the line and work towards the buses. Be sure everyone in your party is counted for loading. The line moves quickly as buses become available. 

18.  After the swim area is cleared, there will be no further stops at Memorial Park.  Buses will only be available behind the Carnival on Willow Street. 

19.  The last bus leaving from behind the Carnival on Willow Street will be approximately 1 hour after the ponies arrive at the Carnival. 

20.  Please do not carry large coolers, large strollers, yard/porch chairs or large umbrellas on the buses.  Bring only what will fit in your lap. 

21.  The "Pony Express", the Island's trolley system, will begin service across from the main entrance of the Carnival Grounds on Main Street at approx. 1pm.  The fare is 50ยข per person. View trolley brochure and schedule.

22.  Buses will run on WEDNESDAY ONLY.   Bus Stops for Pick-up [Stops are subject to change]

Bus Stops For Pick Up

Municipal Center at Deep Hole Road Trolley Stop Day Visitors and Handicapped Visitors should report here. There is no parking at other pick-up points. There will be one bus equipped for handicapped. Please see a Pony Shuttle Volunteer for assistance. 

Corner of Maddox Boulevard and Deep Hole Road Serving Chincoteague Inn, Atlantic Shores Inn & Suites, Sea Hawk Motel, America's Best Value 

Corner of Main Street and Taylor Street (On Way Back to Municipal Center) Serving Island Resort, Holiday Cottages 

Corner of Main Street and Clark Street Serving Watson House, Inn on Main, Comfort Suites, Hampton Inn & Key West Cottages

Corner of Main Street and Church Street At Don's Seafood Restaurant serving Channel Bass Inn & Miss Molly's Inn 

Corner of Main Street and Marlin Street (BEFORE SWIM ONLY) At Fairfield Inn

Main Street Between Marina Bay/Anchor Inn & Waterside Inn (BEFORE SWIM ONLY) 

Traffic Circle on Maddox Boulevard At entrance of Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp-Resort serving Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park, Days Inn, The Reef Vacation Villas, Refuge Inn, & Best Western 

Memorial Park Closest stop to the Swim Site. After the Park is empty this will not be a stop. (Before and Immediately After Swim Only) 

Carnival Grounds Stop at front of Carnival Grounds BEFORE SWIM ONLY. Stop behind Carnival Grounds AFTER SWIM ONLY.   
On Pony Swim Day, starting at approximately 6am the following street closures will be in effect: 
- Willow Street from Jester Street to Bunting Road 
- North bound traffic on Deep Hole Road from Taylor Street to Hallie Whealton Smith Road - Memorial Park Drive

Bunting Road will close prior to the swim at the discretion of the Town.

Once the flare goes up and until the ponies have cleared the streets, the following street closures will be in effect: 
- Main Street from Jester Street too Beebe Road 
- Ridge Road south of Sunset Drive to south of Beebe Road 
- Beebe Road 
- Eastside Road from Ridge Road to Sunnywood Drive

Packets Will Be Available At The Chamber Office, 6733 Maddox Boulevard The Week On The Swim! Stop By And See Us!