Trolley Schedule

The Pony Express offers transportation along the green and red routes which cover most commerce areas of the Island. Leave your vehicle behind and enjoy a ride on the Pony Express as many motels, restaurants, shops, parks, recreational areas, ice cream parlors and campgrounds are serviced. Just look for the RIDE THE PONY EXPRESS signs during operation hours. Not at a sign? That is okay…. You can also wave for the trolley to stop and pick you up!

The fare is $0.50 or 2 tokens per person and to keep the trolley on schedule, it is requested that you please provide exact change.



Due to limited drivers, the trolley will only operate on Fridays and Saturdays for the 2022 season, contrary to the schedule below. Times are accurate.

If you would like to be picked up at the Chincoteague High School or Curtis Merritt Harbor, please call the Dispatcher at 757-854-8572 and they will send a trolley your way.


Chincoteague Seafood Festival and Chincoteague Oyster Festival – Trolley service is free from 10am – 5pm and then $0.50 or 2 tokens from 5pm – 11pm.


2022 Pony Express Trolley Schedule

2022 Pony Express Trolley Brochure