In A Cat's Eye Gifts & Pet Supplies

6691 Maddox Boulevard, Chincoteague Island, VA 23336
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In A Cat’s Eye Gifts & Pet Supplies offers Unique & Delightful Gifts for Cat, Puppy & Pony Lovers.

It’s so nice to meet you. My name is Pip. My humans call me Pippers, but I like Pip, for short. I was wandering around one winter when I was a teeny tiny little kitten – my humans followed my little tracks in the snow – and there I was, cold and shivering and hungry. That’s how I found my humans and adopted them as my own, and why they help support animal rescue organizations! In A Cat’s Eye is the purrfect mix of all my favorites! 

Not just for cats, or cat lovers — we have magical store of wonderful and exciting gifts for cat, puppy and pony lovers!  From cat towers, to dog treats to 6” Petting Ponies you can take home as a souvenir. Many of the gift items are hand-made by local and distant artists. Then, to go above and beyond, they decided to carry pet supplies like high quality pet foods, itchy skin medicines, litter supplies, ThunderCoats, leashes, CBD oils, tie outs, beds, Bison and Venison treats, supplements, and toys!  Did I mention toys? 

My humans found the best pony-shaped puppy toys and so much more! So come and stop by at 6691 Maddox Blvd (right next to Famous Pizza by the circle) and say hi to me!  Yes, I will be at the store supervising my humans. They just can’t handle being without me for even a day!

Our store is open seasonally but if you would like to learn more or shop our catalog click here.



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