Steve and Darcy Cole of DSC Photography spend over 300 days a year studying the wild ponies on the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.

Covering as much as 20 mile in a single day, they have hiked over 10,000 miles while observing, documenting and photographing the herds.

Best known for spotting new foals, they have also developed a website ( with pictures of every stallion and mare on the Virginia side of Assateague. There are also sections for Band Identification and Identification by Color in addition to foals born each year.

They publish identification books annually: Stallions & Mares of the Wild Chincoteague Pony Herds and Foals of the Wild Chincoteague Pony Herds. They also produce calendars featuring stallions, foals and Chincoteague in addition to ID cards, prints, t-shirts, baseball caps, note cards, souvenir refrigerator magnets and other keepsakes available at gift shops on Chincoteague and online at and



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