Chincoteague Combined School

4586 Main Street, Chincoteague Island, VA 23336

Chincoteague Combined School


Mission Statement
Chincoteague Combined School is dedicated to providing a quality, caring, educational, environment to prepare students for success as effective, responsible citizens.


About The School


School Beliefs
  • All students have the capacity to learn.
  • Teachers, parents, students and community share the responsibility of educating each child.
  • Students learn best when they see a connection between what is learned and real life applications.
  • The teachers are committed to provide opportunities to blend academic, technical knowledge, and skills through interdisciplinary instruction.
  • Students have different learning styles.
  • A variety of teaching methods are used to guarantee student learning
  • The school provides a safe, comfortable, well-disciplined environment for student learning.
  • The faculty is committed to providing extra time and help so all students can succeed.
  • The challenging program of study raises student expectations and performance
  • The guidance department and faculty, along with parents and students, are involved in the process of planning and updating each secondary program of study.
  • The learning environment helps students attain their full potential as respected, educated, and productive citizens. 



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