Channel Bass Inn & Restaurant

6228 Church Street, Chincoteague Island, VA 23336
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Channel Bass Inn & Restaurant is Chincoteague Island’s Most Personable Bed and Breakfast. 

Amid gorgeous perennial gardens, the Channel Bass Inn offers the Island visitor peaceful, beautifully furnished accommodations. When the weather is cool, a pellet stove burns brightly in the main fireplace, a cozy place to enjoy a glass of wine with other guests. There’s a TV in the sitting room, if you want to keep up with the outside world. Otherwise, choose a book from our ample selection, if you don’t get to finish it, there’s a good chance we’ll let you take it home with you.

Weather permitting, breakfast and afternoon tea are served on a side porch overlooking the Japanese gardens and the pond. The trickle of the fountain provides a soothing background sound, the occasional splash is the ducks jumping in for their refreshing morning dip! Our resident backyard cats know to keep their distance!

For the early risers, our gardens are a wonderfully restful place to sit and enjoy a first cup of coffee and observe the interplay of our local wildlife. Or perhaps an early morning ride out to Assateague Island would be the thing to do before breakfast — it’s only 2 miles away. If you would like to take your coffee or tea with you, please help yourself to a travel mug from the kitchen.  

Makin' Music at the Channel Bass Inn

Over the years, the Channel Bass Inn has welcomed many talented visitors of all ages who have played, sung, and danced for us and our guests. We have moved our piano to the dining room and are encouraging all you wonderfully blessed people to come play for fun at teatime. We would love it, and we know everyone else will too. And, who knows, maybe someone will get a recording contract out of this!! So bring your beautiful voices, your violins, your guitars and even your spoons, and come make music with us! We’ll call it a “Scones and Jam Session”!!

All Channel Bass Inn B & B guests are welcome to complimentary bicycles, backpacks, beach towels and beach chairs, beach umbrellas and coolers, binoculars and bird books.  

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