Posted on 1/5/2021 by Joanne


THE BIVALVE TRAIL is a new podcast series from the Chincoteague Island Theatre Company which will be an ongoing audible series focused on bringing the audience dramatic and engaging entertainment that can be listened to anytime and anywhere. The first event is a four-episode deep dive into the fascinating life story of a man from Chincoteague Island who almost no one has heard of, but deserves to have his story shared and celebrated. Thomas Downing was an African-American man born free in 1791, who worked his way to becoming a registered oysterman in nineteenth century New York City. By 1835, he owned the most respected and favorited oyster cellar in the whole city. Downing completely revolutionized the oyster industry and became an international sensation, while never forgetting his Eastern Shore roots.
THE BIVALVE TRAIL is researched, written, and told by Lexi Hubb and is a collaboration with Longtayle Studios, the Chincoteague Cultural Alliance, and the Museum of Chincoteague Island.
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