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The Mapp, Mapp & Klein Law firm in Keller, Virginia has been around for over a century and has a long and interesting history of excellent service to the community on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  The legacy started when two brothers, J. Brooks Mapp and G. Walter Mapp decide to become attorneys in the early 1900s. Both decided to start law firms in Eastern Shore towns J. Brooks Mapp, founded the J. Brooks Mapp Law Firm in Keller, Virginia. At the same time, Brooks’ brother, G. Walter Mapp started his own law firm, the G. Walter Mapp Law Firm in nearby Accomac, Virginia.  For the remainder of their careers, the brothers continued to operate separate and at times competing law firms. 

Some years later, Brooks’ son, William King Mapp, came to work for his father at the J. Brooks Mapp Law Firm. Eventually they changed the name of the firm to Mapp & Mapp. The father and son team operated Mapp & Mapp for many years, until Brooks passed away in 1969. Now William was alone on his own for a number of years and prospered to the point he needed assistance.  In 1976, Billy King decided he needed more help and hired J. Nicholas Klein, III (Nick Klein) right out of law school to work with him. Nick’s wife grew up on the Shore and was taught in high school by Barbara Mapp, Billy King’s wife. Nick joined the firm in December of 1976, took the Virginia Bar Exam and became licensed in April, 1977. In the late 70’s the firm name was changed again, this time to Mapp, Mapp & Klein. For the next 10 years Billy King and Nick ran the firm very successfully. William King Mapp passed away in 1987 and J. Nicholas Klein, III and John L. Hopkins purchased the offices from his widow Barbara and for a time the firm operated as Klein & Hopkins.   When Hopkins left a few short years later, Nick changed the name back to Mapp, Mapp & Klein in honor of the Mapp family and the history there. 

In 2014, Wayne Williams and Jonathan DeLoatche of Williams DeLoatche, P.C. in Hampton Roads, Virginia, started working with Nick. Wayne is a native of the Eastern Shore of Virginia and was very familiar with Mapp, Mapp & Klein and its success in the personal injury field. In 2022, after 8 years of working with Nick, Williams DeLoatche officially acquired the offices of Mapp, Mapp & Klein so that Nick, now in his later years, could pursue golf and other fun activities. Currently, the firm is still owned and run full-time by Williams DeLoatche, P.C. and their team of experienced attorneys. Nick is retired from the active practice of law but still has duties as Assistant Commissioner of Accounts for the Circuit Court of Accomack County and as an adviser to Wayne and Jonathan and Mapp, Mapp & Klein and as such still has an active Virginia Bar license. Mapp, Mapp & Klein thrives on, to this day, and provides the same great personal service that can be expected by a small, family-run, local business with humble beginnings over 100 years ago.



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