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Chincoteague Chamber

Pony Shuttle Information

1.  Buses will begin operation at 5:00 a.m. from Chincoteague High School at 4586 Main St.  This service is free.

2.  Volunteer Guides are available on the buses to assist you.  Other Pony Shuttle volunteers will be available at various locations to assist you.

3.  Please be prepared for hot and humid conditions at the swim site.  Bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and insect repellant.  No seating is provided.  The swim area is marshland.

4.  Only handicapped-tagged vehicles will be allowed access into Veterans Memorial Park. Very limited parking is available.

5.  Day visitors should use Chincoteague High School.  There is no parking at other pick-up points.

6.  There will be one bus equipped for handicapped.  To use the handicapped bus, you must go to the High School.  Please see a Pony Shuttle Volunteer for assistance.

7.  Immediately after the swim, two lines will form in the front of Memorial Park (where you will be dropped off for the swim).  One line is for transportation to the Carnival (where the ponies are going), and one line is for transportation to the High School and other locations.

8.  Several buses will go directly to the Carnival Grounds after the swim.  Most buses will load at the front of Memorial Park and go to the High School, then to other stops.  Buses will return to Memorial Park to re-load until the swim area is cleared.

9.  NO BUSES WILL LOAD behind the Carnival Grounds until the SWIM SITE is emptied.  Buses will begin to load after the ponies arrive.  Service from the Carnival will continue until approximately 1 hour after the ponies arrive on the Carnival Grounds.

10.  Travel will be extremely heavy in the Carnival Grounds area after the swim.  Several of the roads from the swim site to the Carnival will be closed until after the ponies arrive.  Parking will be limited to the Carnival parking lots.  Traffic will clear after the shuttle ends operation.

11.  Please be patient after the swim!  In several hours before the swim we transport thousands.  We cannot accommodate thousands immediately after the swim.

12.  Walking from the swim site to the Carnival after the swim is recommended.  The distance is approximately 1/2 mile.

13.  If you walk from Memorial Park to the pony landing site, you must be back to the front of Memorial Park within 30 minutes of the ponies coming ashore.

14.  A long single-file will form behind the Carnival immediately after the ponies arrive.  The end of the line is to the south of the corral.  You must get to the end of the line and work toward the buses.  Be sure everyone in your party is counted for loading.  The line moves quickly as buses become available.

15.  After the swim area is cleared, there will be no further stops at Memorial Park.  Buses will only be available behind the Carnival Grounds on Willow Street.

16.  The last bus leaving from behind the Carnival Grounds on Willow Street will be approximately 1 hour after the ponies arrive at the Carnival.

17.  Buses will run on WEDNESDAY ONLY.

18.  Please do not carry large coolers or large umbrellas on the buses.  Bring only what will fit in your lap.

19.  At 12 noon the "Pony Express", the Island's Trolley, will begin service across from the main entrance of the Carnival Grounds on Main Street.  The fare is 25¢ per person.

Bus Stops for Pick-up

[Stops are subject to change]

Click here to download the shuttle map.

Chincoteague High School - Day Visitors and Handicapped Visitors should report here. There is no parking at other pick-up points. There will be one bus equipped for handicapped. To use the handicapped bus, the public must go to the high school. Please see a Pony Shuttle Volunteer for assistance.

Corner of Main and Taylor

Corner of Clark and Main

Corner of Church and Main St. (Don's Seafood Restaurant)

Corner of Marlin and Main (Before Swim Only)

Main Street Between Anchor Inn & Waterside Inn (Before Swim Only)

Memorial Park - Closest stop to the Swim Site. After the Park is empty this will not be a stop.

Deep Hole Road (Pine Grove Campground)

Corner of Maddox Blvd. and Deep Hole Rd.

Chamber of Commerce (Traffic Circle on Maddox Blvd.)

Chicken City Road 

Carnival Grounds- Before swim only. Stop is behind the Carnival after the swim.

Corner of Beebe and Ridge Road (After the Ponies Run Past - to Carnival only) (Tom's Cove Campground)

Chincoteague Visitor's Guide

Office Hours:
Mon.-Sat. 9AM - 4:30PM

6733 Maddox Blvd.
Chincoteague Island, VA 23336

Main Office: (757) 336-6161

Click here for directions

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