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Chincoteague Chamber

Pony Swim

For 90 years now, we've been holding our Pony Penning and Carnival to the delight of visitors from around the world.  At "slack tide" on the last Wednesday before the last Thursday of every July, Chincoteague's "Saltwater Cowboys" herd the wild Chincoteague ponies across the Assateague Channel to move them from Assateague Island to neighboring Chincoteague Island.  After the swim, the ponies "parade" to the carnival grounds where the foals are auctioned on the last Thursday of July.  And then on Friday, the adult ponies will make the return swim to Assateague Island where they will live in the wild for another year.  Join us for the World Famous Pony Round Up and Swim.

Chincoteague Visitor's Guide

Office Hours:
Mon.-Sat. 9AM - 4:30PM

6733 Maddox Blvd.
Chincoteague Island, VA 23336

Main Office: (757) 336-6161

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