Allie Beckley Photography

Allie Beckley Photography

4016 Main St
Chincoteague Island, VA, 23336

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Sometimes the most beautiful moments aren’t the ones perfectly staged and planned, but those accidental ones in between. This idea is the backbone of Allie Beckley Photography. As a lifestyle photographer I specialize in wedding, family, newborns, maternity, and portrait photography but with a twist. My interest is not in capturing the “perfect” image, but in capturing a small glimpse of the true beauty within each client. The way a child looks at his parents in adoration, a loving glance between newlyweds, these are the moments I strive to capture; that perfect, raw emotion. All work is done on location with no staged backdrops or studios to allow clients to feel completely relaxed and natural.  


I love to try new things and look forward to every chance I get to capture a new, beautiful soul. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just an every day session, feel free to contact me to discuss your interest and needs.

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